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Up to 94% Eco-Efficiency

Ink-jet produces  up to 99% less wastage than laser.

Up to 98% better usability.

Our copiers require less user intervention compared to laser printers.

Up to 96% energy savings.

Our copiers use less energy compared to laser printers.


Know you are taken care of with 24 years of experience in the industry.

A reputable supplier of photocopiers that reduce carbon footprint, with a commendable service that supports businesses to get the best print managed solution that helps their productivity.  We believe in people, so our team are supported, well trained for the long term.


Our vision is to support customers throughout the UK and Ireland with their journey to reduce carbon footprint and waste, we remain committed to supporting the local UK initiative to plant more trees and site them in locations most suited and in need.                                                          


Meat some of the Bowden Digitec team members.

Kevin Bowden

Co-founder & Director

Working in the print solutions industry throughout his career Kevin bring lots of experience and clarity to customers and the team.  As Bowden’s founder and driving force, he brings clients integrity, innovation, compassion and commitment.  Kevin loves creating useful and engaging content that the public enjoy and relate to and he’s a real problem solver.  He’s on a mission to help more customers benefit from reducing their carbon footprint by up to 94%.

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Sarah Bowden

Co-founder & Director (CIM Dip)

Sarah brings all the nice values with her that she aligned with at a well-known Housing Association and a reputable Building Society.  She enjoys writing processes, content and utilising her knowledge in marketing.  Sarah is an advocate in customer care, she supports clients in their decisions throughout their journey from potential customer to advocate.  She loves developing employees with regular coaching.  She is on a mission to give back in lots of ways, planting trees is high on her agenda with a local UK initiative, which is in the planning stages.

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Trevor Walker

Marketing Manager

Coming from corporate retail Trevor enjoys implementing process and structure, he loves meeting customer needs, he finds solutions and makes decisions with customers in mind.  Trevor enjoys projects in media design and creative arts.  He really looks forward to meeting new prospective customers and guiding them to find the right solutions.  Trevor trains all new starters into their role and supports them well.  He is on a mission to evolve the team culture and create more opportunities for customers to go greener.

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